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The St. Clair Inn

The St. Clair Inn grew out of the community’s need for a simple hotel but quickly became the crown jewel of the City and a destination with a reputation as a world-class hotel.  Jeff encountered his first memorable story of the St. Clair Inn from a crew member while on a flight from his home on the west coast to Michigan in 2016. Since then he has heard numerous stories of memorable events at the Inn in his wide travels throughout North America.

The Hotel Harrington

The Harrington Inn was constructed in 1896 and has hosted prominent guests such as President Harry Truman and his wife Bess (during their honeymoon), Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone Jr., EdiselFord, Mickey Rooney, and Father Edward Flanagan (founder of Boys Town).   Most of the original classical revival, Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style features remain intact and in excellent condition

The St. Clair Middle School

The Middle School was constructed in 1921 with an elaborate exterior of brick and stone.  It’s three floors offers two gymnasiums and a 580 seat theater. The facility has supported a number of local community enterprises including a media center, day care center, after school and recreation programs.

DTE Site Development

Recently Jeff Katofsky announced that he has entered into an agreement to purchase a 30 acre vacant waterfront site in Marysville, equidistant between the St. Clair Inn and Hotel Harrington.  Jeff envisions the site potentially supporting a marina, public riverfront boardwalk, residential and retail uses as well as waterfront restaurants. 

The Developer

Jeff Katofsky is a father, husband, trial lawyer, landlord, franchisee, developer, and owner of a professional baseball team (the Orem Owlz), multiple hotels, retail, entertainment, real estate, food, and hospitality businesses.  As a developer, Jeff has been the primary construction supervisor and entitlement processor for close to 100 projects. Jeff manages the finances of the projects and handles the acquisition, construction, and underwriting.

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