The original building constructed in 1921, the current East China Education Center (ECEC) has been a pillar of education in St. Clair for many years. There have been additions throughout the life of the building, including the north wing in 1952 and a media center in the southwest wing in 1989. Today, the building houses a number of local community enterprises but is under-utilized. There are many unique features that speak to the building’s history, including the exterior brick and stone detailing, two soaring gymnasiums and a 580 seat auditorium with balcony.


  • Community & Activity Center
  • Auditorium
  • Market Rate Loft Apartments
  • Historic Streetcar Shuttle

ECEC is walkable to the downtown riverfront, which includes the St. Clair Boat Harbor, Riverside Park, a commercial strip, the historic St. Clair Inn, the St. Clair Mall with its newly renovated plaza, and several planned future developments.

Proposed Room Designs

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